A Christmas Reflection

A Christmas Reflection

Most of us, at one time or another in our lives, have asked ‘the God question’. ‘Is God there?’ And if he is, ‘What is he like?’

There are those who look at the expanse of the universe and cannot see God within it. There are some who look at the planets and the stars and see them put in place by chance. If, like me, you find it too hard to believe that it all ‘just happened’, that there is a mind behind it all, a someone bigger than the sum of the parts, the question still remains ‘Who are you God?’

Christmas answers that question.

Christmas is when God says, ‘This is who I am!’

God is not distant. He has come to us choosing to visit our tiny planet. As the apostle John writes, “The Word (God) became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” (John 1:14a).

God does not leave us guessing about himself. He has shown his face for us to see, to believe and to hope. It is the face of one who loves us. What the manger suggests at the beginning of Jesus’ story, the cross tells us at the end: God comes in humble circumstances to serve and to su er so that we can experience his love, forgiveness and, ultimately the renewal of all things. I find it amazing to think that the maker of the world would choose to enter our human experience and become one of us.

This is the message of Christmas and for those with searching eyes and open hearts it is well worth exploring. In Jesus you will find a hope that does not disappoint, a joy that transcends our circumstances and a peace that the world cannot give.

Immanuel . . . ‘God with us’!

Roger Green

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