Break Away 2017!

Break Away 2017!


Well our first Break Away wrapped up a little over a couple of days ago and what a great week we had!

From Wednesday to Friday we had about 50 kids each day playing games, singing songs, and learning about Jesus and His true power – that He isn’t a magician, He doesn’t do tricks, His miracles are for real – and how because of Jesus we can now be friends with God!



On Wednesday we met Trixie, a bright pink and green fluffy puppet, who was trying to become the GREATEST MAGICIAN EVER! However, she wasn’t very good at her tricks. She tried to pull a rabbit out of a hat and do the never-ending fabric trick – but it didn’t quite work out!
However we learnt about Jesus (who isn’t a magician!) and how he fed 5000 men from 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (and they had 12 baskets of leftovers at the end!) and they were satisfied!
We also spent the afternoon making all sorts of things, like: decorating t-shirts, slime, marble runs, hama beads, masks, ping pong ball balloon cup shooters, and a bunch more!



On Thursday Trixie came back trying more tricks! This time she had a saw and had cut her stuffed koala’s head off! But she couldn’t put it back together to complete the trick. We then heard how Jesus healed some men who had leprosy, as well as a lot of other people. We remembered that what Jesus was doing isn’t a trick – He does them for real!
That afternoon we had messy games!! We started with some volunteers getting makeup put on their face by other people who weren’t looking!, then we had an icky food relay, next ‘duck duck splat!’ with jelly, and then we finished off with a slip and slide!



On Friday Trixie tried to bring a puppet back to life – which didn’t really work, because she was controlling it with her hand! We then heard how Jesus died for us to pay the consequence of our sin so we could be friends with God – but Jesus didn’t stay dead! He came back to life 3 days later! We heard that Jesus showed His power the most here!
Then that afternoon we had our carnival fun times! We had all sorts of stalls and mini activities like: face painting, bobbing for rubber duckies, guessing booths, egg and spoon races, making juggling balls, paper airplane competitions, a jumping castle, and lots of other activities where the kids could earn tickets and redeem them for prizes.



And then finally on Sunday we wrapped up Break Away with a special family service. We heard about all the things we did during the week, what the kids learnt with Trixie and Tim, we heard from a couple of kids who came along, watched a video of the week, the All Saints family prayed, and we had a scrumptious morning tea after.


Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Break Away possible! From the ladies in the kitchen, the ladies at the rego desk, group leaders, and everyone else who was involved – THANK YOU! And of course thank you for sending your children along and making it all possible!
Finally, we must thank our Great God who alone truly made this possible and such a great week!


See you in July 2018 for a BREAK AWAY adventure on the high seas with PIRATES!!

Every week we have family services at both 9am and 1030, which both have crèche and a kids program for 3 year olds to year 6 and year 7 to 9s. And then a 6:30pm evening service.
Every Friday afternoon during the school term we have number of groups for kids in years 5 and up:
The Zone – Years 5 and 6
Jnr Fresh – Years 7- 9
Senior Fresh – Years 10 -12
We also have a Christianity Explored course coming up starting on the 27th of July.
It looks at who Jesus is and why He matters?




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