Easter Reflection

Easter Reflection

Pre-pandemic, we had become used to our lives being non-stop. Between work commitments, kids’ sport and catch ups at the cafe, our days were full. And, back then, when we did get the chance to switch off, we often switched on our mobile devices or streaming services. There was little unstimulated time in our lives. But last year we all stopped. During lockdown we couldn’t do many of the regular things, at least not in the way we regularly did them. I wonder if the year past has give you a chance to reflect on your life? A chance to reflect on what we really want in life, on our own frailty and vulnerability, on who is most important in our lives, on what kind of person we actually are. But as restrictions have eased and (for now at least) life is slowly returning to normal, are we unthinkingly filling up our lives again with all the same things? Are our lives returning to being non-stop?

Easter-time and school holidays gives us another chance to reflect – on our lives, on who we are, and even on the things of God. The Easter long weekend gives us the chance to do things we don’t normally do and to think about things we don’t normally think about. It’s been like that from the beginning. On the day we now celebrate as  Good Friday, back in ad. 33 a Roman centurion soldier was doing his regular duties, which included executing criminals. But on this day, Jesus of Nazareth was one of those whom he crucified. And the events of that day caused this man to reflect, and particularly to reflect on who Jesus was. One of the biographers of Jesus records this: And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, saw how he died, he said, Surely this man was the Son of God! Having the time to reflect on Jesus, the centurion concluded that Jesus was the Son of God. And many millions over the years, who have stopped and spent some time reflecting at Easter, have concluded the same thing.

At All Saints we would love you to join us for one of our services this Easter, either in person or online, so that you can reflect on yourself and your life. But we’d especially like to give you an opportunity to reflect on Jesus.  Who was he? Why would he die a criminal’s death? What relevance does he have to my life? Because if you reflect on Jesus, you may well find that he truly is the Son of God, and that may transform your life in ways that are truly surprising.

Anton Marquez

Senior Minister