Work Rest Play | Young Adults’ Weekend Away 2017
  • 32B Evans Rd, Canton Beach 2263

  • Camp Toukley

Work Rest Play | Young Adults’ Weekend Away 2017


This year the young adults of All Saints Anglican are heading up to Toukley for their annual weekend away! And this year we have a guest speaker (Damien Whitington) discussing what the Bible says about our work, rest and play. These three things are so important to us, so what does the God who made these and gives these to us think about them?

The weekend will force us to think whether the work we do is pleasing to God, to consider the place that rest plays in our lives, and to wonder if our hobbies, sports and interests will be things we will enjoy eternally in the new creation.

Damo, studied at SMBC, works at Barker College as the Middle-school Chaplain, and has his local church family at Narabeen Baptist. We’re very thankful that he is spending the weekend with us and sharing from God’s word.




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