Past Events (Page 3)

Past Events (Page 3)

The Heart of Jesus

Join us on three special Sundays as we look inside the heart of Jesus. We’ll look deep inside who Jesus is and what drives him through the accounts of his life in the Bible. You won’t regret coming to church one of these Sundays because as you look at the heart of Jesus, you see the heart of God.

Morning church @ 9.30am

Morning church at All Saints is for all ages – from babies to seniors and everyone in between. We enjoy singing God’s praises to celebrate what he’s done for us through Jesus. We bring our needs to God in prayer, knowing that he listens and cares. And at the centre of what we do is listening to God speak to us as we read the Bible and ponder its message. Each week one of…

On-site church resumes!

Lockdown is over, and church life resumes in person! Join us on Sundays 9am, 10.30am or 6.30pm for our regular Sunday services, once again in the flesh and in the building.