Sermons (Page 35)

Sermons (Page 35)

“…faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Romans 10

One of our core convictions as a church is that God has spoken, and continues to speak, through the Bible. At all our church services we read the scriptures and listen to them being unpacked and applied to today’s world by one of our church leaders or an invited guest speaker.  If you’ve missed a sermon and would like to catch up, or if you’d like to check out our talks before visiting, please browse the list below or search using the category filters above.

Jesus or Satan?

There have been some extraordinary one to one battles over the years. Great 1 to 1’s all have some things in common; both competitors are highly capable, both combatants are motivated to win, and either competitor could win. Matthew 4 shows us: The epic contest between Jesus and Satan The results of the contest The implications Matthew 4 provides an account of the…

God’s Gift

Christmas is a time when we think about gifts – giving and receiving gifts. Trouble is, many of the gifts we give do not have the value to the recipient that was intended by the giver. Are we on the right track when it comes to gift giving? Research has shown that Australia wastes million if not billions of dollars at Christmas time on unwanted gifts. How might we…