Sermon Posts on our Website

Sermon Posts on our Website

God’s word, the bible, is central to community life at All Saints.

Through the pages of the bible, God reveals Himself to us.  In particular, God demonstrates His love. God’s word explains His plans and purposes for our forgiveness and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

At the same time, God’s word shows us how to live rightly as His children.

What’s in a Sermon Post

Each week we upload some great content relating to our weekly sermons. These include:

  • a short explanation,
  • links to the bible passages for the week,
  • the speaker is,
  • the particular book from the bible,
  • the sermon series and more

Finding Sermons on our Website

Sermons are really easy to find on the website. Just point your mouse at the Sermons item in the menu. Then you can browse all the sermons, or choose a series, speaker, book etc straight from the menu. You’ll find them here.


We then create an MP3 recording of the sermon from either the 9 o’clock or 10:30 am service and upload that into the post as well. Podcast subscriptions are available to the recording of the sermon so you can receive them automagically. More about that next week!

Social Media

Finally, notification of the sermon post is made via social media. So if you are connected to the All Saints Facebook page you will see them pop up there as well with links back to the sermon post.

Here is a great example of a recent sermon delivered by Andrew Shead.

If you have any ideas about how we can make our site even better, please let us know via the contact us form below.


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