Sermons from March 2018

Sermons from March 2018

God the creator

Jonah is one of the Bible’s best-known stories. Its real hero is not the reluctant prophet, but the God he couldn’t hide from. The opening chapters of Jonah present us with “the God of heaven, who made the sea and the dry land.” And as we remember that we worship the Creator of the universe, Jonah puts four challenging questions to us: What do you believe?  What do you…

Are you wise?

As we reach the end of the famous sermon on the mount, Jesus turns up the heat. Rather than an uplifting feel-good finale, Jesus finishes his speech with some of his starkest warnings.  What is the fundamental mistake he wants his hearers to avoid?  Is he deliberately setting an overly-high bar just to show us how we fail?

Make your choice

You cannot serve both God and money. Jesus instructs His disciples in Matthew 6 to not love money. But, most of us are inclined to love money. And we have lots of it! Australians generally, and residents of North Epping in particular, are among the wealthy elite. So, how do we who are Christians deal with Jesus’ words that seem so counter-cultural? Surely, given…