Do you believe I am able to do this?

Do you believe I am able to do this?

Jesus’ question in Matthew 9 is a fundamentally important one.

“Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Mt9:28)

Jesus explicitly asks this question of the two blind men. The same question is implicitly asked of the dead girl’s father, and the woman with the chronic bleeding, and the demon possessed man. Jesus’ question and actions make clear that people need to respond individually to His question of whether or not we trust in Him.

Matthew 9:18-34 records for us four more of Jesus’ miracles.

*Jesus heals a chronically sick woman.

*Jesus raises a dead girl all from death to life,

*Jesus gives sight to 2 blind men, and

*Jesus cast out the demons from a man who was rendered mute.

All of these people were healed because they had faith in Jesus. Jesus’ call on us also is to respond to Him in faith.

Whether we respond to Jesus with faith and trust in the promises He has made, or whether we do not have faith and do not respond, both have consequences. Jesus gives us good reasons to believe in Him. Will you do that?



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