The Faithful Heart of God

The Faithful Heart of God

The book of Hosea is set in the eighth century BC. It is a love song that exposes the heart of God for his people. God’s faithfulness is in stark contrast to the Israelites who have turned away and chased after the Canaanite gods.

Hosea is called not only to speak the word of the Lord but to also experience something of God’s pain. Incredibly God calls Hosea to marry Gomer, a woman who will prove to be promiscuous and will give herself to other men. Gomer mirrors Israel’s unfaithfulness. She will bear three children whose names will all reflect the judgment that will come to Israel but judgment will not the final word.

We see God’s faithfulness, he will not give up on his people, salvation and restoration will come.

In the New Testament both the apostle Paul and the apostle Peter quote Hosea to speak of the salvation that comes through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Once we were not a people now we are the people of God. Once we had not received mercy now we have received mercy.


Hosea 1:1-2:1
Romans 9:22-26


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