God’s Favour

God’s Favour

Christmas can be filled with so much joy, laughter and good memories, but for many it’s one of the most difficult times of the year.

God’s announcement to Mary that she is going to have this Saviour-child Jesus, is incredibly good news. But that Mary is so highly favoured by God, can leave us feeling distant from Him.

How do we know if God is looking with favour on us, on you and me?

Do we need an angel to appear to us like Mary? If our lives are full of blessing, does that mean God’s favour is on us? If our lives are full of troubles and disappointments, does that mean God is against us? Maybe God is a little bit like Santa, it depends on whether we’ve been naughty or nice.

If we just dig a little deeper into the Christmas story (specifically Luke 1:26-38) we’ll discover that God’s favour is for everyone and is much more than we could ever dream of or imagine.


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