Jesus or Satan?

Jesus or Satan?

There have been some extraordinary one to one battles over the years. Great 1 to 1’s all have some things in common; both competitors are highly capable, both combatants are motivated to win, and either competitor could win.

Matthew 4 shows us:

  1. The epic contest between Jesus and Satan
  2. The results of the contest
  3. The implications

Matthew 4 provides an account of the “greatest head to head of all time”. Satan, a.k.a. the Evil One, the Devil, the Tempter v’s Jesus, the son of a carpenter. Until we know the true identity of Jesus this would seem an unbalanced match up. After all, the Tempter had a 100% record. Every man and woman who had ever lived up until that moment had been unsuccessful in resisting the Tempter’s temptation to sin. And the circumstances of Jesus being tempted were extreme, (40 days of fasting in the desert).

The result would seem a foregone conclusion – unless we understand correctly who Jesus is. Then the result will be inevitable – Jesus’ victory over Satan and sin.

Matthew 4:17 reminds us all of the implications of Jesus’ victory over Satan. Jesus calls all mankind to:

“Repent for the kingdom of God is near”

The means by which any of us can stand against the Devil’s schemes is only by trusting in Jesus. Be reminded and encouraged by Jesus’ words and actions in Matthew 4.


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