Messiah’s Exaltation – Lift Up Your Heads

Messiah’s Exaltation – Lift Up Your Heads

“The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it…” Psalm 24 is a Psalm celebrating the return of the Ark to Jerusalem, the full account of which can be read in 2 Samuel 6.

God’s presence comes again among his people.

There is celebration, vivid, bountiful, partying celebration, there is judgement and God’s wrath, there is also a very real fear that there is no one worthy to bring the Ark back, and then there is restoration and blessing as the Ark is returned amidst more celebration. And it is a foretaste of when God’s King, our saviour Jesus, will come to be among his people in Jerusalem, and then again when he comes to bring us home to the heavenly Jerusalem.



Psalm 24:1-10

Revelation 1:1-8


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