Prayers in Utter Darkness

Prayers in Utter Darkness

An honest cry to God from the darkness of a troubled soul – somebody suffering so deeply that he/she feels abandoned, and close to death.  The sufferer has three main problems:

1.  Overwhelming troubles

2. He knows God can save him, but God doesn’t seem to listen or to act.

3. He knows God is sovereign, so must lie behind the troubles and darkness.

Psalm 88 explodes the myth that God’s people are always happy; and that prayer, and trusting God, always makes everything alright. Even in deepest darkness, the right thing to do is to keep trusting God and crying out to him. That’s what Jesus did in his depths of despair in Gethsemane and on the cross. And God brought him to glory. Suffering is not evidence that God is powerless, has lost control, or doesn’t care. Cry out in honest prayer to God. You can trust him, and he loves you.