Rejoicing in the gospel | Philippians 1

Rejoicing in the gospel | Philippians 1

Paul is writing a letter from a Roman prison to persecuted Christians in Philippi. He was put in prison for daring to preach Christ, but his imprisonment has only added fuel to the gospel’s fire and given him more reasons to rejoice.


Suffering and being persecuted for the name of Jesus is a reality that most Christians have been facing since the church began. So how is it that Paul can rejoice in such awful circumstances? What is this joy he speaks of that seems to grow in hardships? What is it about this gospel that brings such joy?

Gospel Partnerships

Paul’s selfless love for the Christians in Philippi is evident throughout the whole letter, and is so clearly seen in how thankful and prayerful he is for them. The joy he so intimately shares with other believers gives him great strength when he should be at his weakest.

Courage to take risks for Jesus

Paul’s words and example challenge all Christians to the very core. How has the joy of God’s love for us transformed our deepest desires? Many Christians are risking their lives, forsaking their dreams and being rejected by those they love for Jesus. What risks will you take for the Jesus who gave up everything for you?

Reading Philippians 1:1-26


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