That Woman’s Son …

That Woman’s Son …

How does God treat those who mock and oppose Him?

The birth of Isaac is a huge moment of God fulfilling His promise to bless Abraham and Sarah with a child (Genesis 12:7; 13:15-16; 15:4-5; 17:19; 18:10).

Sarah, who once laughed with Abraham at God’s promises, now laughs with great joy that God has done the impossible and given them a child in their old age (21:6-7). Sarah believes that everyone who hears this will laugh WITH her, but Abraham and Hagar’s son, Ishmael, laugh AT Isaac (21:9).

The death and resurrection of Jesus brings us much joy, but there are many who laugh AT the promises that we cherish. How does God respond to those who mock Him? And how should we respond?

How God responds in Genesis 21 is both shocking and beautiful.


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