The People Abandoned?

The People Abandoned?

What sort of access does a believer have to God?

What sort of relationship does God allow us to have with Him now?

We have such a relationship with God, such unrestricted access to the God of the universe that when life is tough, when we’ve had enough, we can let God have it!
Through the blood of Jesus, God gives us permission to pray prayers to Him that are filled with our raw emotions. God doesn’t want us to hold back. We can direct our anger, sadness, anxieties and troubles at Him. It’s a unique privilege that a Christian has, to be able to barge into the throne room of God, and say, “Listen to me! Listen to my complaint!”
Psalm 80 is urging us to come to God with brutal honesty. Psalm 80 has some lines we would never have put in the Bible, lines we would never sing to God. Like at vv.5-6.
Psalm 80 is a “Listen to us!” prayer. A group of God’s people have come before Him in prayer. It means we can let God have it, not just in private, but around each other. It means we can come together and cry out to God in our troubles.


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