Two Kingdoms

Two Kingdoms

Micah’s name means ‘Who is like God?’  Today’s sermon tweaks this question slightly to ask ‘What is God like?’ What is ‘God’s character?’

As we explore Micah we find that, amongst other things, God is a God of justice, of faithfulness, a promise-keeping God who delights in showing mercy. Micah chapter 5 speaks of a ruler who will come from Bethlehem, a shepherd who will gather his flock from the nations and will bring peace and security.

We are then drawn to Matthew 2 and the birth of Jesus and to John 10 where we read of Jesus the good shepherd.

What does God’s Character mean for Us?

Having seen something of the character of God the talk finishes by asking ‘If this is what God is like, what kind of people does he call us to be?’

The answer is found Micah Chapter 6:8 . . . “a people who act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God”.


Micah 5:1-5

Matthew 2:1-12


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