What if money didn’t matter

What if money didn’t matter

What if money didn’t matter? A difficult question…because it does matter. Money (if we have it) gives us important choices. We need it to survive, to run churches, to send missionaries, to give generously to people in need, to provide for ourselves and our families. But as modern Australians, we’ve become preoccupied with money. We’ve been conditioned to see almost everything in economic terms. God repeatedly warns us in the Bible about the deadly danger of treasuring money, and losing our integrity and our faith. In Philippians 4 Paul explains he had learned to be content whatever his circumstances, because his secure relationship with Jesus Christ made both poverty and affluence essentially irrelevant to him.

As Christians, we are to make money matter by investing in a different kind of future: serving Jesus and his kingdom. He promises us eternal security.

Where are you storing up your treasure?


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