Worship – Joy in Action

Worship – Joy in Action

Psalm 122 captures the pilgrims “joy” as they arrive at Jerusalem on the way up to the temple. Joy is a profound experience of great pleasure, delight and happiness which lasts. This is manifest as “rejoicing” which is joy in action!

Why does the pilgrim feel this way? And how do we relate to this in our own experience on our spiritual journey?

In this sermon we explore the historic context and identify that basis for the pilgrims joy. This joy is not merely based on visiting a great city or an impressive building, but on visiting “the house of the lord” i.e. the place of God’s presence, where God’s people gather for the purpose of praising Him, being impacted by God’s word and praying together. We see how this mirrors our own experience, were we can …

1.     Rejoice in The church – which is God’s temple today, the place we’re God’s people gather and in which God’s lives by his spirit.

2.     Rejoice in Prayer – through which we enter God’s temple and throne room in heaven, directly into God’s very presence!

3.     Rejoice in the Kingdom – and the new Jerusalem, the place to which we are all ultimately pilgrims. The place where God and the Lamb will be our temple and where God’s people will
“rejoice” as we gather to praise him.

We have much in common with the pilgrim and much to rejoice about!


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