Christianity Explored Taster

Christianity Explored Taster

Christianity Explored is a course we run fairly regularly at All Saints, for those who are not yet followers of Jesus to find out the essentials of Christianity.  But if you’ve never been to the course, you might wonder what it’s like and whether it’s worth inviting your friends to.

So in the last few weeks of term 3 2019, our small groups at All Saints are going to do a “Christianity Explored Taster”.  We’ll have a look at three selected sessions of the course, give it a go ourselves, and consider who we could invite to do the course later in the year.

Group leaders will have the relevant course material for use in group meetings.  But for those who like to prepare in advance, below is a booklet which covers the relevant Bible passages and gives some general questions for you to ponder ahead of time.

Christianity Explored Taster (single pages for screens)

Christianity Explored Taster (2-up for printing)