Weekend Away Latest

Weekend Away Latest

This page will have the latest info for attendees of the church weekend away 2023.

All Saints Team Challenges!

Submit videos and photos here (preferred) or otherwise Whatsapp to +61417755297

Matchy-Matchy Photo.  Take a photo of your whole team with everybody wearing something matching.  Could be a matching colour or some other common feature.  Submit your photo.25 points
Leaning Tower of Feetza.  Everyone take off your shoes and build the tallest tower you can.  Submit a photo of your tower with some team members next to it.30 points+50 point bonus for the tallest tower submitted
Sincerest form of flattery.  Submit a 30 second video of a convincing impersonation of one of the All Saints ministry team.20 points
Untangle the knot.  One team member is the camera operator.  Everyone else crowds together and holds somebody’s hand so all hands are joined.  Work out how to untangle the knot so you’re holding hands in a circle, without letting go of any hands. Must involve at least 9 group members.30 points.
Number Plate Word Puzzle.  Take photos of the number plates of three cars belonging to team members.  Use the letters of the number plates (ignoring numbers) to make as many words as you can.  Submit photos of the number plates and your list of words.2 points per word
Feet on the beach.  Submit a picture of 6 team members’ left feet on the sand. Shoes off!45 points
Outing.  Submit a picture of 6 team members together somewhere offsite35 points
Trick Shot.  Submit a video of a team member scoring a basketball shot with their back to the ring. 50 points
Human pyramid.  Form a human pyramid with at least 7 of your group members. Submit a photo.60 points
Memory verse.  Make a video of multiple team members saying our Mark 12:30 memory verse. Submit your video.  “Jesus said:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength – Mark 12 verse 30”.  Minimum 9 team members if recorded on-site, or 6 team members off-site.30 points on-site60 points off-site
Mystery photo scavenger hunt. Explore the site to figure out where each of the mystery photos was taken. They are all in or near Acacia, Banksia, the playground.  Submit the worksheet describing the location of each photo.30 points
Historical Timeline.  On the sheet provided, fill in as many lines as you can with significant life events that happened to people in your group over the last 50 years. Submit your worksheet.1 point per line filled in.
Poetry.  Write a limerick or Haiku about this weekend.  Submit a video of two team members performing it.20 points per poem.

Mystery Photos

– Find these on site, around acacia and banksia, and fill in the paper worksheet with detailed descriptions of where each one is from.