Add Google Mail Account

Add Google Mail Account

All Saints has signed up for Google’s “Not For Profit” program. This is a free service offered by Google. Part of this is that we get full access to Google application suite for no charge. This includes:

  • Google Mail (,
  • Google Docs (word processing),
  • Sheets (spreadsheet),
  • Slides (Presentation),
  • Drive (kinda like Dropbox –,
  • Forms (for surveys etc),
  • Hangouts (online meetings and screen sharing )
  • Groups (

This page includes instructions for adding google mail to your Mac and to your iPhone. I don’t know how to do it for Windows or an Android, so if you do, please update this document below in new sections below!

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To Add Google Mail to a Mac

Before doing these instructions please ensure that you have accepted the invitation to Google mail from and changed your password from the default password emailed to you by the mail server.

These are instructions for adding a new email account from Google Mail to a Mac.

  1. Open Mail on your Mac
  2. Go to Mail, Add Account
  3. Select the provider of email services –
  4. Enter your email address, for example [email protected]email-address
  5. Enter your passwordemail-password
  6. Select the services you want to have working on your Mac – choose all of thememail-services
  7. The last step is to set your new account as your preferred email account. Just go to Mail, Preferences and then click on the “Composing” tab. Then choose the new account from the “Send new messages from”

Your finished. Mail is now added to your Mac!

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To Add Google Mail to an iPhone

  1. Go to Settings, Mail, Accounts and select “Add Account”.
  2. Choose Googleemail-phone-supplier
  3. Enter your email addressemail-phone-username
  4. Enter your passwordemail-phone-pw
  5. Select all servicesemail-phone-services

And your done. Your iPhone is now all setup.

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