Adding Downloadable Material

Adding Downloadable Material

We have a number of resources that we make available to members as downloads. These include:

  • Bible Study Material
  • Church Rosters
  • Weekly Church Newsletters (to come)
  • Published Church Management Reports

Each of these gets uploaded through the “Downloads” plugin, accessible on the left side of the WordPress menu.Download Menu

Just click on Add File and you will then be presented with the following:Download Screen

On this screen, sleet that you want to (normally) upload a file, then navigate to it via your file system on your computer.

Ten assign it to a CategoryDownload Categories

Then just click “Add File” at the bottom. It will then automatically get added into every page where that category has been defined to show. For example, we have the Bible Study category displayed on the “Bible Study Material” page, so every file you upload and tag with that category will be listed in chronological order on that page.