Using Headings in a Page or Post

Using Headings in a Page or Post

We all write to be read, yeah?  Well one of the best ways you can have your reader engage with your writing is to use headings scattered throughout your post, page, sermon, etc. But what headings, I hear you ask.

Activate Toolbar

Well right above this text box in a new page or post is a toolbar. If it has one row of buttons, hit the second last button on it to display a second line.

Toolbar Button

Then in the far right end of that you will now see a dropdown box with the word “paragraph” in it. Click it.  It lists all the reformatted paragraph styles in our WordPress theme. If there is nothing else you do, use these over doing any manual formatting.

Using reformatted styles also means that search engines can read the style “tags” and with those weight the words in those headings as important. This is great for SEO!

What do the styles look like?

Here’s an explanation of each style from the Paragraph list:

Paragraph – this is is the default formatting for all paragraphs on our site.

Heading 1 – used for the Title of the page or post – don’t use this within the body of the post

Heading 2 – used within the post for major headings

Heading 3 – used within the post for sub major headings – should come after a Heading 2

Heading 4 – and so on

Heading 5 – and so on
Heading 6 – and so on

Preformatted – don’t know what this is used for!

Use these and you can’t go wrong!  Whatever you do, do not format individual headings manually. Therefore they are out of kilter with the rest of the site and will not indexed correctly by search engines.