Getting a QR Code

Getting a QR Code

What is a QR Code?

A QR code allows a reader to scan the code using their mobile device and have a page from a website open on their device automatically.

For example, the URL of this page is The QR Code is:QR Code

Go ahead, try it. Scan it with the QR reader on your phone (if you don’t have a QR reading app, go to your app store and download one!).

We could then have people scan this with their mobile device and the browser will forward onto this page. Pretty cool, eh!

How to Get a QR code?

  1. Goto This site generates QR codes that are timeless, based on the URL entered. The site is free.
  2. Paste in the full url.
  3. Download the code.
  4. Use that on printed material as required.
  5. Note that the code is generated based on the contents of the URL. Our website manages changes to URL’s automatically, so you should be able to modify the URL if required and the QR code will continue to work.

Note as well that if you have other information that you would like a QR for, you can generate these at the as well. For example, to send an SMS, to dial a phone number, download a contact card etc.

You can also get different colours for no charge, or you can embed a picture or logo inside the QR code for a fee.

Remember too that it might be useful to generate a shortened URL for people to enter. To do this, please follow this link.