Getting a Short URL

Getting a Short URL

What is a Shortened URL?

Short URL’s are extremely useful because they allow you to publish an address that people can either enter manually or click on and will then the browser will be referred to the primary URL.

For example, the URL of this page is The short URL from Google is We could then tell people to go to just and the browser will add the http stuff and then forward it onto this page. Neat, huh!

How do get one?

There are lots of providers of shortened URL’s. My favourite is, by, you guessed it, Google! You’ll need a google account and it is free.

  1. Just punch into the address bar in your browser,
  2. Paste the full address into the box presented.
  3. will then generate the shortened URL.
  4. You can then copy that and paste it wherever you need it.


Remember that QR codes are an alternative or additional tool as well – especially if readers have a mobile device.