All Saints Partnerships: Local and Global

All Saints Partnerships: Local and Global

All Saints’ support the work of the gospel not only locally in North Epping, but we also have partnerships in a variety of places around the world. We are in partnership with a number of families and organisations who are committed to impacting the world with Christ’s love. In what follows you can see who we support directly, and start to get some ideas for how you can be involved as well.

Christian Union, Macquarie University (AFES)

The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) exists to promote the cause of Christ on university campuses around the country. Scott Warner is a member of All Saints, and works with the Christian Union on the campus of Macquarie University. Although geographically not far away, university campuses in Australia, and particularly in Sydney, are places where people from all around the world come to study. Therefore the work on university campuses is an important one.

Compassion Church Partnership — Ilula, Tanzania

We’re in partnership with Compassion, an organisation who work to “set children free in Jesus’ name”. As a congregation we sponsor over sixty children, support development works in the town, and partner with the local church to bring this about in the name of our Lord.

Church Missionary Society (CMS)

We have a long history of supporting the work of Church Missionary Society. In recent years we’ve supported Geoff & Martha Boye who recently completed their service in Tanzania, and we’re currently looking into which CMS workers we can support in the future.

Greenacre Anglican Church

Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Greenacre serves a part of Sydney which is culturally very different to North Epping.  We’re pleased to support the ministry there with both resources and personnel.

Beyond these major partnerships

During the course of each year we seek to support the ministry of a number of other mission organisations including


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