We’re a community that prayerfully strives to know Jesus more, love one another like him, and share his salvation with the world.

We’re committed to;
– encouraging each other to pray and read God’s word regularly
– inviting friends along to FRESH on Friday nights, where the gospel message is proclaimed every week
– regular, honest and open discussions about God’s word and how it must impact our lives (see Small Groups).
– attending and serving one another at Night Church on Sundays at 6:30pm.

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ZONE | years 5-6 | 4-5:30pm

Bring your friends, your energy and your questions. ZONE is a safe and fun place for everyone and anyone eager to engage with the real Jesus. It runs Friday afternoons during school terms.

Term 2, we will be looking at ‘Life’s Big Questions’. Questions that young people are often asking about the world and Christianity. We’ll be ending the term with a Q&A, where the youth are invited to ask the questions that are on their minds and hearts. 

Afternoon tea is $2 each week or $15 for the term.

JNR FRESH | years 7-9 | 6:30-8:30pm

The Old Testament of the Bible is an old piece of writing, filled with strange people doing strange things. And this term JNR FRESH will be looking at Old Testament characters Jacob, David and Jonah, and seeing how their stories and lives are worth looking at today.

We are returning to serving food again in COVID safe manner, which means we’ll be Supper costs $2 each week or $15 for the term.


SNR FRESH | years 10-12 | 8-10pm

The Beginning of the Bible says a lot about our world that still rings true. Come along and engage with some meaty topics as we look at the book of Genesis!

Supper costs $2 each week or $15 for the term.

FRESH Small Groups | years 7-12 

Sunday FRESH | Years 7-8 | 4:30-5:30pm | Church back hall

SNR Sunday Arvo | Years 9-12 | 4:30-5:30pm | Church main hall

For those who want to go deeper into the Bible, wrestle with the difficult passages as well as the ones of great beauty, this time is for you! There’s no question to silly to ask, and you’ll be taught and encouraged by peers and leaders.

For more info on all things youth, contact Leigh Zadro 0409 456 288 or [email protected]