Messiah’s Sacrifice – Pierced for our Transgressions

Messiah’s Sacrifice – Pierced for our Transgressions

Isaiah 53 opens with a challenge “Who has believed our message?” What follows is one of the clearest presentations of the “good news” concerning the Messiah and how we can be saved through him, in the entire bible.

Isaiah, demands a faith response! Not just a mental acknowledgment of belief in the Messiah, but trust in Him expressing itself in a changed life.

Yet believing is not easy! For Isaiah describes a Messiah who appears week and unattractive by human standards, whose life is characterized by rejections, suffering and death. The image so repugnant, that many turn away!

Yet for those to whom Isiah’s message is revealed, they understand that the Messiah submission is not weakness, but due to the strength of his love. He suffers willingly, to pay the penalty for our failings so that we do not need to experience the suffering that our sins deserve.

Through His sacrifice we are healed and set free to enter a new relationship with God under the Messiah’s rule and care. The challenge is to believe, to accept and trust Him as our savior and Lord.


Isaiah 53:1-10

Acts 8:26-40


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