Messiah’s Death – Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Messiah’s Death – Why Have You Forsaken Me?

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”. This famous cry is the most haunting question of history.

As we consider the shape of Psalm 22 in light of Mark’s account of Jesus’ death, we see that the Messiah’s unique, sin-bearing death was always the united goal of God – a divine partnership between Father Son and Spirit.

The whole reason God’s Messiah took on a body was to experience God-forsakenness in the place of sinners…

By enduring the cross for us, the Messiah shows that He really is ‘God with us’…God in our place…winning our forgiveness by giving His life as the ransom for the many.


Psalm 22

Mark 15:21-41


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