The Messiah’s Ministry

The Messiah’s Ministry

John The Baptist preached thundering sermons of judgment as he called people to repent. John thought the Messiah would bring God’s judgment, he would come with the winnowing fork in his hand to separate the wheat from the chaff. In Matthew 11 we now find John the Baptist languishing in a prison cell and confused because his disciples report that rather than bringing judgment Jesus is healing the blind, the deaf and the lame.

When questioned by John’s disciples Jesus quotes from Isaiah 35. Isaiah 35 is a kaleidoscope of images picturing the kingdom that Jesus the Messiah is bringing in. A kingdom for the redeemed, the ransomed. A kingdom of renewal and restoration, of unspeakable joy where sorrow and sighing will flee away.

The challenge for us is to be part of God’s mission to see people who are blind to the truth … see Jesus, enslaved to the world … set free and dead in their sin … receive new life in Christ.


Isaiah  35

All Saints Day

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