A New Chapter

A New Chapter

To all the saints at All Saints,

I knew when I started at All Saints on the 14th August 2003 that God was entrusting his church to my leadership for a time and one day I would be writing this email. That time has come. Lisa and I have felt God stirring our hearts for some time that maybe a new chapter was approaching for us and for All Saints. It would be very easy to stay, you are our church family and we love what is not only so familiar but also what is so good.

I read recently “endings are for gratitude and beginnings are for faith”. The writer was encouraging us to see that this world is not our home. In God’s providence, as one chapter closes we can be filled with gratitude and as another opens we can look forward with faith. He writes “gratitude is one of the humblest affections and faith is one of the boldest.”

It is with immense gratitude to God that I thank you for giving me the privilege of being your minister over the past 13 years. There has been much laughter mixed with a few tears but always a sense that God was leading and providing and working in amazing ways through his people at All Saints.

Last week I accepted a position with Anglicare as the Justice Chaplaincy and Partnership Manager. With the merger of Anglicare and ARV there has been some considerable restructuring. This newly created position has two main roles. The first is to oversee and support the 12 Anglicare Justice chaplains (working in prisons, juvenile justice and the police force). The second part of the role is to lead & manage the partnership team. This team is responsible for building strong partnerships between local churches and Anglicare. The aim is to help churches engage more effectively with their local communities by utilizing the many resources that Anglicare can provide.

After 25 years of parish ministry I feel like this is a new beginning that is going to stretch me to trust God in new ways.

We are still working out all the practical details. I will be based at Norwest and we will most likely be living at Thornleigh. This will allow Tim & Nathan to continue at All Saints. We will finish at All Saints on the 19th February and I will commence the new role on the 3rd April.

Grace and peace,



  1. Helen Russell

    Helen Russell

    God has, does and will continue to do amazing work through you both, Roger and Lisa. Congratulations and a sad farewell as you step out in faith once again. It’s not “Goodbye”, just ‘Bye for Now”. Love and prayers from all of us.

  2. Matt Jacobs

    Matt Jacobs

    Roger, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and learn so much from you for 8 of those 13 years. Thanks for helping me to grow and develop as a minister, and for helping me to step out in faith as well. It’s painful to step out of the familiar and comfortable, but there is also growth and blessing. Thank you for serving Jesus so faithfully in North Epping, praying for you in this next chapter of your ministry.

  3. Denise Pike

    Denise Pike

    Thank you for your faithful ministry to North Epping over the past 13 years. We pray that God will continue to bless you and Lisa in your new roles. Love to you both, Denise and Kevin Pike

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