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Youth Leaders 2024

Meet the team of leaders that make FRESH and Ultimate FRESH Camp possible! This page is an intro to who they are, so that you, especially if you’re a parent, know who is leading your children.

Easter Reflection

Pre-pandemic, we had become used to our lives being non-stop. Between work commitments, kids’ sport and catch ups at the cafe, our days were full. And, back then, when we did get the chance to switch off, we often switched on our mobile devices or streaming services. There was little unstimulated time in our lives. But last year we all stopped. During lockdown we…

Prayer Resources

We’ve spent term 3 2019 in a sermon series on prayer, exploring the nature of Christian prayer, the different types of prayer, and how to make prayer part of our everyday life.  But our aim for the series hasn’t been just to get more knowledge about prayer.  Our goal is more prayer, and prayer that’s deeper, broader and wiser. So at the end of the…