The Aetherlight – Engaging the Gamer Generation with the Gospel

The Aetherlight – Engaging the Gamer Generation with the Gospel


Do you struggle to connect your kids with the Bible? Or do they struggle to identify with the Bible?

Are you looking for a new way to expose them to the story of God’s salvation?

The Aetherlight

Well a New Zealand company called ‘Scarlet City Studios’ have come up with a new way to engage the online gamer generation of today. It’s called ‘The Aetherlight; Chronicles of the Resistance’.

The game was brought to my attention from a recent article in the September 2016 issue of ‘Eternity magazine’.

“…Lucky rules this land. Automatons rule our lives. The old Aethasia is gone, fog taints everything. But a resistance is beginning. The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance is a new game for kids designed to engage them afresh with the biblical narrative… [where you run around] completing missions for the ‘Scarlet Man’”, with the ultimate goal of seeking to restore the ‘Great Engineer’ to his rightful throne.

aetherlight-bannerAlongside the game they have developed with Tyndale a companion Bible that contains game art, history, redeemable in-game items, and other info about the game as well as, of course, a NLT translation of the Bible.

maxresdefault-3There is also a ‘companion engines app’ where they can make those connections between the story of the Bible and ‘The Aetherlight’ game.

The game can even be played together as a family.

It’s being released in episodes. Episodes 1 (the story of Abraham) and 2 (Story of Esau and Jacob) have already been released with episode 3 (story of Joseph) due to be released sometime before the end of the year.

Like any Bible adaptation, it has its shortcomings, however it still looks like a great way to get kids excited about the Bible and to be looking at it afresh. It could be a great way to start conversations, engage, help them to get excited about the Bible, and to be making connections with the Bible.

To learn a little bit more about The Aetherlight, take a look at this parents trailer below:

From the little bit of ‘The Aetherlight’ that I’ve played, its good fun, and the bible comparison app was good too. Though this was only for part of the prologue, so I can’t fully comment on the rest of the episodes, however if the first part is anything to go on, it looks great!

To read the Eternity article about the game head over to

Why not take a look or even give it a go for free! Head over to to take a look at the game as well as the “parents” site. Or go to to watch some more of their videos.



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