Junior FRESH | Term 2 | 2018

Junior FRESH | Term 2 | 2018


True love? True freedom? True rest? Do they really exist? 

We’re constantly being offered some ‘true’ (genuine), but then often find it to be false advertising.

This term at Junior FRESH we’re looking at the Book of Psalms*. Through these Psalms we will explore what is true life, freedom, safety, rest, love, victory, words and faith.

All youth who are in year 7-9 are welcome to join in the fun we have at Junior FRESH!

For more info email [email protected]

* 150 prayers/poems/songs written by God’s people to God in times of comfort and distress. They teach us more about God, and broaden what we talk to God about – we can talk to God about anything and everything!


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