Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child


What is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child is an International Christian Humanitarian organisation that delivers shoeboxes full of personal gifts to needy kids around the world.  Last year more than 11 million shoeboxes were delivered!

Why does Operation Christmas Child exist?

We want underprivileged kids to know that they matter.  This program is a practical way of providing a glimpse into God’s love for the disadvantaged and vulnerable – as well as a clear opportunity to ‘love our neighbours’.

What is the impact?

There are so many amazing stories.  The shoeboxes have an immediate impact by providing a child with clothes, school supplies, hygiene items and toys but the benefits are ongoing.

In partnership with Operation Christmas Child,  children also have the opportunity to receive ongoing support through humanitarian and Christian programs delivered by local church communities.

Why get involved?

Because the simple act of sending a shoebox full of gifts can make a massive difference in a child’s life.

How do I get involved?

Pick up a shoebox, including instructions on how to fill it, from the stand at the On Roma St Markets, or from the All Saints Church Office.

You can drop them off at the church, or join us for Shoebox Sunday on 30th October 2016.


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